Euroteorema was set up in 1993 by a group of highly experienced construction engineering entrepreneurs with the mission to operate abroad in the civil, industrial and infrastructure construction sectors via its holdings of local companies so as to create an international operating group.

Since the very beginning, management of the group has been entrusted to the writer.

In April of that year the first international projects were started up in Albania.

The sound experience the group has built up together with its passion, know-how, creative and implementation expertise, dependability and its serious approach have made the company a benchmark in the construction sector.

Over the years the ownership of the group has been restructured mainly as a result of untoward experiences in 1997 in Albania.  

However, our passion for building has always remained steadfast and is a passion which that has been handed down through three generations of my family whose mutual goal is building excellence.
Every day, my  exceptionally talented and expert professional team and me work with the same passion exploiting our past and present  knowledge which are key  to the success of the projects implemented by the Euroteorema Group. 


Arch. Pascale Giovanni